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How Does Alcohol Affect Handwriting?

Alcohol can impact many of our motor skills. Some of us know this from experience, others remember from the “drunk goggles,” or fatal vision goggles, that we wore during Driver’s Ed. Alcohol, whether in small or large quantities, makes it difficult to walk or drive a car; it also makes it difficult to write. Research… Read more »

Former Congressional Candidate Charged for Allegedly Forging Ballot Petitions

In order for someone to officially run for office, they must collect signatures from supporters within their district. However, what happens when those signatures are not actually collected, but forged instead? During the 2018 general election, Jake Richard Towne, a Libertarian candidate running for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, was charged with perjury and other offenses… Read more »

Handwriting Analysis Reveals Queen Elizabeth I as Translator of Ancient Text

Queen Elizabeth I was many things. Known for bringing stability to a country that had gone through years of turmoil under the reigns of her father (Henry VIII) and half-siblings (Edward VI and Mary, Queen of Scots), she was an adept ruler and a brilliant scholar. She was also an incredibly messy writer. Indeed, Elizabeth’s… Read more »

Forensic Document Examiners vs. Graphologists: What’s the Difference?

Document Examination vs. Graphology

An expert witness can make or break your legal case, which is why choosing the right one is so important. When it comes to handwriting, you’ll come across two types of people who claim they can help you: forensic document examiners and graphologists. While they both focus on handwriting, they vary drastically on expertise and… Read more »

New Lawsuit Opposes Signature-Matching for Michigan Absentee Ballots

In a democracy, fair and honest elections are of the utmost importance. It’s why many states have laws protecting against voter fraud. Yet, many argue that these laws do the opposite of their intended effect, and instead restrict people’s right to vote rather than protect it. In Michigan, Priorities USA, a progressive advocacy group, has… Read more »

Historic Handwriting Analysis Finds Da Vinci Was Ambidextrous

Art historians have long suspected that although Leonardo da Vinci primarily used his left hand, he was in fact ambidextrous, meaning that he could write, draw and paint with both hands. Now, researchers at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery report that they have found evidence to prove this theory, based on historic handwriting analysis. The research team… Read more »

Were These Two Letters Authored by George Washington?

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember that I was once tasked with attempting to identify the author of an anonymous letter that sparked a major scandal involving two high-profile American political figures during the 19th century. These historical investigations are always interesting, and they occasionally involve some very well-known individuals. Several years… Read more »

Unraveling the History of Two Mysterious Metal Trunks

Although forensic document examiners often work with pen and paper, we’re sometimes recruited to analyze markings and impressions on other objects as well. Such is the case with two metal trunks that a client brought to me several years ago. The client’s father received the trunks soon after the Korean War, with no explanation as… Read more »