Ballot Fraud

Using Handwriting Analysis to Determine Ballot Fraud

In efforts to control the outcome of elections, it is not uncommon for dishonest individuals to resort to voter fraud. The examination of tally sheets, fraudulently market ballots, forged applications for absentee ballots and absentee voter ballots casting may identify inconsistencies in inks, printing processes, handwriting and/or signatures, all indications of ballot fraud. For an example of a cases related to these types of examinations, voter ballot fraud was successfully prosecuted in Green County Alabama in the late 1990’s. In these cases it was determined that through the handwriting analysis and comparisons of the hand printed witness information, witness signatures and voter signatures on absentee ballots that a multitude of absentee voter registrations, applications for absentee ballots and absentee ballots were fraudulently completed, signed and cast by only a few individuals.