Questioned Documents

Analysis & Examination of Questioned Documents

When submitting documents to the Questioned Document Examiner, originals are preferred and, in some cases where specific questions are to be addressed, submission of originals is paramount. For example, it is standard procedure for the examiner to analyze all anonymous notes for latent indented writings. However, if the original document is not available, this type of examination is impossible. Other examinations including document dating, ink comparisons, fractured edge comparison and deciphering additions or obliterations all require the original document.


Given that there are circumstances where the original document is not available, handwriting analysis and comparisons of copies can be performed. It is noted that the analysis of copies can and does limit detail and, accordingly, affect the results. For example, the photocopied document may contain an authentic signature even if the true author never touched the pen to the document. A skilled and knowledgeable forger can cut a genuine signature from another document, create a new document and paste the copied signature into the new document. The signature is genuine but the document is a forgery.


The Item Q1 signature contains the ā€œ,ā€ and the upper portion of the ā€œPā€ of Plaintiff from

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questioned-sig phased

the original K1 signature line. A color overlay of the two signatures show that when they are placed over each other in phase, all congruent features of the two signatures appear black.