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Handwriting Comparisons

Each and every individual possess handwriting characteristics and habits that, when combined with each other, renders that person’s handwriting unique, especially when considering signatures. Characteristics of individual handwriting include but are not limited to speed, rhythm, skill, letterforms, connecting strokes, baseline agreement, size, height ratios, spacings, and beginning and ending strokes. These characteristics can be identified, analyzed and evaluated by an experienced examiner. When a document is the subject of a challenge and is questioned as to whether-or-not the signature is genuine, a comparison of the disputed signature and it’s characteristics to a set of known standards containing genuine signatures of that individual can be conduced in an effort to determine the true history of the signature in question.

If the signature is determined to be fraudulent, then the disputed signature must be one of the following:

  1. 1. An attempt to simulate using a model, either free hand or by tracing;
  2. 2. No attempt to simulate, either there is no concern about the appearance of the signature or there is no model available;
  3. 3. A cut-and-paste, the forger mechanically copies a genuine signature, creates another document containing the damning information and then “pastes” the copied signature onto the new document; or
  4. 4. An “Auto-Forgery”, the writer signs their name in a “disguised” manor with the intent of denying it’s authenticity at a later time.

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