Identification of Additions or Deletions

Document Analysis for Additions or Deletions

Under these conditions, the document in question has been challenged due to some alteration of the document’s text by the addition or deletion of text, numerals, dates, signatures or agreements. For example, the date or amount of a business agreement or contract has been altered to fraudulently gain additional property, money or altering the amount of a check for monetary gain. Drexler Document Laboratory, LLC utilized state-of-the-art instrumentation to detect additions and deletions. The tests are non-destructive and results of illumination reactions are documented. It is noted that this examination can only be performed on the “original” document. In addition, examinations of this type, because of the non-portability of the equipment required, must be conducted in the laboratory.


Fraud Addition Identification Services Alabama

Questioned Check for $1,000.00

Check Fraud Detected in Alabama

Original Check was written for $1.00