Honest, Fair Elections: How FDE Helped the Government Successfully Prosecute Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is a recurring news topic, particularly during election seasons. While voter fraud allegations and concerns may often seem to be a partisan issue, the reality is that it amounts to a crime against all citizens. Honest, fair elections are an essential component of our democracy and a hallmark of the voting process. Forensic document is well-known for aiding in civil and criminal cases, but in one case, it was the vital evidence needed to reveal disenfranchisement and voter fraud.

Election FraudThe year was 1994, and as National Review reports, the citizens of rural Greene County, Alabama were preparing to vote in an election. As it turned out, several county and Eutaw city political races were close contests. In more than one race, an incumbent was in danger of being voted out of office.

The tax assessor was the first to publicly raise concerns about the abnormal number of absentee ballots in the 1994 election. There were about 7,700 registered voters in Greene County at the time, and more than 4,800 voted in person on Election Day. The margin on several political races was razor thin based on in-person votes, but more than 1,400 absentee ballots had been cast in this election – absentee ballots that helped to shift the outcomes of several of the races.

The initial concerns about election fraud centered around these absentee ballots, many of which – more than 1,000 – had been delivered to the local post office by just five individuals on election night. In addition, the high number of absentee ballots totaled more than one-third of all votes cast in Greene County, a percentage that was significantly above historical trends in both the county and the state of Alabama.

The subsequent investigation revealed that a number of local elected officials, their spouses and other government employees had been involved in a conspiracy to cast fraudulent absentee ballots. Following the investigation, two of the accused were found guilty at trial and nine others entered guilty pleas.

Forensic document examination is a vital tool for discovering the truth in many different situations. In the Greene County election fraud case, forensic document examination helped prosecutors build solid criminal cases against those who would thwart democracy. Through the analysis of signatures of victim voters on corresponding absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots, the handwriting of witnesses on absentee ballots, and interviews of the victim voters, a pattern of blatant voter fraud was revealed. As a result, however, reforms were made, turnouts at elections improved and honest and fair elections were restored to the county.

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