Is Handwriting Analysis Admissible in Court?

It’s a question that many ask themselves when trying to build a strong defense in court: is handwriting analysis admissible? The short answer is yes, it is considered admissible evidence. The longer answer, however, is more complicated, and depends on who you bring in to testify, as well as legal precedent.

Why have a handwriting expert?

Is Handwriting Analysis Admissible in Court?

Before we get into the question of admissibility, we must first cover why you would have a handwriting expert appear in court to begin with. Expert witnesses, whether it be for handwriting or other areas, can analyze information and provide their opinion in order to better inform the court. If, for example, there is a document that is a part of your case that depends on the validity of a signature, a handwriting expert would be able to say how likely it was that a particular person made that signature. This can bolster (or weaken) claims of ownership made by one of the parties involved in the case.

Admissibility of handwriting analysis

The admissibility of a handwriting expert’s testimony starts with Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence. This states that an expert witness may testify if they are proven to have specialized knowledge, sufficient facts/data, and reliable principles/methods. In addition to Rule 702, there is Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This was a Supreme Court case that established the Daubert Standard which may be raised in order to exclude an expert witnesses testimony because they are unqualified. Simply put, Rule 702 and the Daubert Standard both require that the court finds an expert witness sufficiently qualified in order to testify. Only then is their analysis admissible in court.

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